Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Opening for Blue Rodeo

When I lived in Toronto in the mid 80's, there was a great vibrant scene that I was fortunate enough to  take part in. One of the key bands in that scene was Blue Rodeo. I still have a ticket stub from the Copa from November 25, 1987. The opener was Crash Vegas and Greg Keelor played in that band as well.

Years later, and after many times seeing Blue Rodeo live, and meeting them on numerous occasions, I finally get to be in a band that is set to open for them at their annual Cowboy's Stampede show!

What makes the event even sweeter, is the Rustic Brothers bass player, Curtis Cripps, shares the stage with his brother Colin Cripps, now the guitar player in Blue Rodeo. Colin mixed our debut CD and has become a friend as well.

We are really excited to share our music with Blue Rodeo fans and be a part of the Blue Rodeo experience!

See you there!

July 7th Cowboy's Stampede Tent 9pm start

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